Sep 23 - Oct 22

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September 2020 - This entire year is very important for you to rebuild a better structure in your life, especially when it comes to your domestic life and family (solar fourth house). With Jupiter, planet of blessings, and Saturn, giver of structure, awakening this month, it’s likely you’ll finally find yourself on sturdier ground after years of uncertainty.

Your work life has also been especially important for you in recent years because you may have launched toward new career horizons or changed the course of your professional ambitions. With a full moon in your employment sector taking place at the very beginning of the month, you can expect news related to a job to appear. If looking for work, you could be in luck, so search at this time (solar sixth house).

As Mercury, planet of mental clarity, moves through your zodiac sign from September 5 to September 27, you’ll likely see contracts or important communications coming your way.

However, another major point to note this month is the movement of mighty Mars across the sky from you (solar seventh house). Since the end of June, it has helped you focus on the need to work in tandem with a significant partner in business or love. By working as a team, you’ve realized you can go so much further.

But beginning on the ninth, Mars turns retrograde and causes friction and potential hostility between you and partners, competitors, or enemies. During the weeks ahead it will be better to lie low rather than exacerbate conflicts, because one could turn into an all-out personal war. Instead, use this time to listen to your partner and improve your rapport.

If single and looking, this retrograde may bring back people from the past. If you’re looking to reunite with one, you could see if you both want to start over once again.

The new moon on September 17 can help you be highly reflective, so review your past and see what needs closure.

As the magnificent sun moves into your zodiac sign on the twenty-second, birthday season finally arrives! Use the month ahead to celebrate you.

Standout days: 4, 5, 28
Challenging days: 17, 21, 23
September 2020 - The emotional moon is full in imaginative Pisces on September 1, and you have visions of your ideal partner dancing around in your head. Pay attention to the details of your subconscious now. It can actually help you find your dream love in real life!

There’s a Mercury-Pluto square on the twentieth that causes you to say some things you don’t really mean, and talking or texting without thinking things through can get you into some hot water with someone you really like. Once a sarcastic or critical comment is out there, you can’t take it back.

When the sun moves into your beauty-loving sign on September 22, you’ll be looking for someone who meets your physical requirements. Brains and personality matter, too, but you have this vision of the ideal-looking person in your head from earlier in the month that you just can’t forget. Be patient, Libra. It might be a while before you find them.
September 2020 - For Libra natives, the month begins with the full moon lighting up your house of work and habits on the first. For the next week or so, look at what you can streamline, delegate, or eliminate from your weekly list of things to do.

September 9 has Mars in your house of partnerships turning retrograde. You have the opportunity to reconnect with potential business partners. If you're looking for a job, reach out to colleagues who have moved on to other companies.

The new moon on the seventeenth sheds light on your house of hidden talents. Over the next week, finish up projects, making sure to review the details, and especially check for spelling errors in titles and headlines.

Mars squares off with Saturn in Capricorn at the base of your chart from September 25 to October 3. Your challenge is to release old patterns that are blocking you from business success. Break free of habits you learned as a child about handling money or public speaking. You’ll receive a boost of confidence as a result.
September 2020 - The potent full moon in your lifestyle zone at the start of the month can be a call to take your well-being seriously. Dreamy Neptune is in this sector for the long haul, so you may find it harder to stay disciplined. It might be much easier with the help of a personal trainer or buddy to hold you accountable, someone who can give you the support you need to keep going.

Lively Mercury moves into your sign on September 5, followed by the sun on the twenty-second, so you’ll be in your element. Uplifting activities may be the most beneficial—think yoga, tai chi, dance, or swimming as a way to release tension and keep fit.
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