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August 2020 - Since 2019, Scorpio, you’ve been noticing that the way you have approached your partnerships your entire life is no longer in alignment with who you are. This is because Uranus, the planet of liberation and change, has been gracing your commitment and relationship sector and will continue to do so until 2026 (solar seventh house). For some of you, this means that you’re being freed of outdated relationships and toxic patterns, whereas others are requiring more freedom or excitement with their significant other. If single, you may be enchanted by different kinds of partners that may not have inspired you before, whether that means outside of your normal type or lifestyle.

However, with Uranus turning retrograde on August 15, you will spend the next several months reviewing the changes you’ve made in your relationships and how you can still embrace more fulfillment within them.

Earlier in the month, though, other planetary activity highlights different areas of your life. A full moon on the third energizes your domestic sector and may bring news of a move, home renovation, or family issue that requires your attention (solar fourth house).

While your personal life grabs your focus, expect your career to also be quite strengthened this month. With Mercury and the sun highlighting your professional goals and advancement throughout much of August, you’re likely climbing to your next career height. The new moon on August 18 opens a door to new projects and professional goals, so watch for what appears in the days following it (solar tenth house).

Last to note in your very busy month is that the sun heats up your social sector on the twenty-second. Many exhilarating and well-planned events, gatherings, and community engagements will call your name in the weeks ahead (solar eleventh house). Be sure to embrace the fun.

Standout days: 4, 16, 27
Challenging days: 2, 3, 14
August 2020 - Informative Mercury pairs up with chatty Leo on August 4, so you might feel a need to divulge one of your love life’s carefully guarded secrets. Of course, as the most guarded sign, you’ll only want to share this info with your most trusted confidant.

Your co-rulers Mars and Pluto square off on the thirteenth, causing tension and stress surrounding control issues. When you insist on having everything your way, you’re insulting a potential partner (whether you mean to or not). Commit to running your love life as a democracy, not a dictatorship.

The tension continues during the Venus-Pluto opposition on August 30, only this time it has more to do with your jealousy and lack of trust. What’s the real reason behind your suspicions, Scorpio? It’s time to get to the bottom of things once and for all.
August 2020 - There's changeable energy this month as the full moon in Aquarius lights up your fourth house on August 3. Your company may be going through a transition or might have been purchased. Your job title could change. Try to be flexible.

On the thirteenth, Mars in Aries and your house of work and routines squares your ruler Pluto in harmonious Capricorn. Through changes in your daily routine, you can transform your life and achieve true success. Look at the things you’re avoiding like reaching out to decision makers and influencers. Make the change at the core level and do the hard things first.

On August 24, your co-ruler Mars makes a square to disciplined Saturn. The breakthroughs you make in the middle of the month can now bring opportunities requiring you to buckle down and do the work. This could mean new clients or new projects. Look at creating systems, and automate where possible. If you’re delegating tasks, make sure to check the work you're getting back.
August 2020 - The presence of Mars in your wellness zone can leave you feeling vital and alert and may positively influence your well-being over the coming weeks and months. But even with this ongoing lively and active force, you could still benefit from activities such as a massage or other relaxing treatment to help you settle down.

Vigorous exercise can also be an excellent way to channel any excess energy and leave you feeling at peace. Emotional housecleaning is also a good habit to develop. By releasing any toxic emotions, aspects of your health can improve, leaving you feeling much better.
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